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The Sideline Story

It wasn’t the way she wanted to spend her Saturday night but frankly she wasn’t about to go anywhere or do anything out in this weather—rain could be heard all throughout the dorm hall and unlike every other night that was filled with bumping bass from the neighboring dorms, and laughing and running down the hallway, it was quieter than usual. Everyone was either already in bed or they were preparing to go. Lucky them. With Chemistry homework due for her afternoon class, she had to get it all done and there wouldn’t be any sleeping for her. At least not for now. She’d have to deal with that though—she knew it was due and she procrastinated.

She popped a kernel between her lips and chewed, as she penciled in another answer, not feeling up to the task of doing her work although she was only two pages to go until completion. Scratching her head only briefly, she adjusted the head scarf that held up the shortened, nearly faded sides of her head. She had decided to do something new since she was coming back to campus for the fall after a year’s hiatus. Much to her mother’s pleasure, she didn’t care what she did. "Cut your hair! Do it—get a tattoo. Hell, get your clit pierced, as long as it means you’re going back to school!" With a shift in her position she just about regretted taking all that advice to heart. It heightened everything, that piercing.

She yawned slowly before she heard the iPhone indication—reaching for it, she yawned before she unlocked the phone and tilted her head at the message. You alone?

With the smallest of smiles and a small warmth in the pit of her stomach she quickly shot a text back. She didn’t know why he’d even ask—he knew she was alone. She sighed as she got up, and went to unlock the door to her dorm. Seeing as her roommate would be a hoe come rain or shine, she was once again alone for the night. At least until he came through.

She closed her book, knowing she wouldn’t be doing anymore studying for the night; she could cram and try to finish in the morning. Running a hand through that bush of curls on top of her head, before she adjusted the wife beater she had on. Finishing her popcorn, she went to throw the bag away, before she heard the doorknob jiggle. She rose an eyebrow as she turned around, sticking out her hip and watching the door open. "So you assume I’m home alone now?" She asked, and she looked up at his stature, not much separating them height wise but he was still nonetheless intimidating.

Big brown eyes staring back at her green ones, a smile tugged at his lips as he shrugged, locking the door. Turning towards her he pushed his glasses farther up his nose before approached her and leaned forward to peck her lips, to get a minimum response—she didn’t attempt to kiss him back. "Shannon." He frowned, and she crossed her arms.

"Sir." She answered back and he placed a hand on the nape of her back. She gnawed at the corner of her lip and she didn’t give in, even after he kissed her again. "Okay, okay." She grinned as she wrapped arms around his neck, and he lifted her up off of the ground.

The walk from the living quarters of the double suite, to her bedroom, was short lived, but her lips never left his before he closed the door with his foot, laying her back against the bed. His fingertips slid down her arms and to the hem of her cotton shorts, sliding them down along with her plain white underwear. He grunted, taking a deep breath of her anticipation and he threw her a devious smile. "You act too much for me."

"What?" She asked, lifting her upper half from the mattress, letting him lift the black wife beater from off of her body, throwing it to the floor before he leaned in and kissed the crook of her neck, leaving nothing but heat to travel from the point of contact throughout her chocolate skin.

"You always act like you don’t want me…need me," He mumbled against her skin, limber fingers gently slipping off the lavender bra straps that held her c-cup breasts. "You know we need each other," He said softly, and she grunted as his teeth gently sunk into her skin, only doing enough to make sensations—he knew the rules. No marks, no hickies.

"I don’t need you," She protested, but that only followed with a moan as his hands reached behind to unclasp the bra, making her back arch with every quiet ‘click’ that led her one step closer to total nudity.

And just like that, she was unwrapped before him like a Hershey’s bar. and he planned to eat every part of it.

"Don’t need me, huh?" He tilted his head slightly, a smile gracing his features along with those dimples she had come to be very fond of. She huffed as he slipped off his glasses, only to take off his shirt. Looking at his body, marked like a wall in the neighborhood she grew up in, she reached up, touching his chest as he slid his glasses back on. "You sure you don’t?" He asked her, and she slightly pouted, already thick lips now looking thicker than ever.

"You’re here for a good nut and conversation. Don’t flatter yourself." She said with a kiss to the back of his ear, and he shuddered as he gripped her thighs, wrapping his legs around his waist. He could feel her wet and waiting prize right against his stomach.

"You’re selling me short again Shan," He warned her, as he rolled them over to put her in a position of power—a position she so desperately wanted, but didn’t seem to know how to grasp in his eyes. Watching her behind his frames, she undid the belt on his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping with fluid motion that almost seemed like artwork in motion. God, she was beautiful. Even as her emerald pools glittered at the sight of his penis springing to life from the confines of his cotton boxers; he knew that’s the only time she ever truly had a look of surprise, although they had been together many times before. "It’s not gonna change." He teased her, and she frowned.

"Shut up," She chuckled before she reached for her dresser, grabbing a gold wrapped condom. Carefully opening it, she examined it, inch for inch before it was applied to him, and she bit her lip as she aligned herself with him, slowly lowering herself upon it.

A slight grunt left his lips as he reached upwards, and let his hands slowly cup her breasts as she began to rock her hips against his dick, her hips slowly winding to a silent rhythm that seemed to be only heard by the two. He watched her, even amidst his rising lust and libido; he always made her look him in the eyes when they fucked…for his own personal reasons.

"Shit," She mumbled as she continued to grind against him, her walls taking every centimeter of the Nine inches he acquired. She let out another moan as his left hand left her breast, sliding gently down her abdomen and to the pierced nub that was now hard and stiff from arousal. Rubbing it with his index and middle fingers, he smiled like a small child as she writhed and bucked above his body. "Baby stop," She whined, not wanting to reach a climax just yet.

He merely chuckled as she continued to ride him, until he could see her thighs clenching. Her walls followed suit and he let out a low growl, narrowing his eyes but not taking them off of her. "Fuck, milk my shit girl," He demanded lowly, and she bit her lip as her body worked like a machine, continuing to let her walls massage and squeeze his piece. The temperature of the room seemed to heighten with every second, the strokes went longer and stronger, and Shannon was visibly in a state of ecstasy to the point that her body fell on top of his, her lower half still grinding and rocking against his dick. Chocolate tones now mixed within sweat, sex, and caramel complexion, the moment seemed just about perfect. Every movement sent each closer to their peak of love.

"Cum for me," She moaned, already knowing he was close by the way he throbbed within her. He groaned as he gripped her ass, pulling the cheeks apart slowly as he came into the condom. Although spent for the moment, he continued to let her hips rock until he felt her body tremble on top of his. Her juices slid out of her and he watched her in silence as she lifted herself off and began to lick the juices off the condom.

He shook his head with a closed smile—she was so vulgar in bed and it amused him because compared to the façade she held outside with other students was, her kinky attitude was impressive and also extreme. She pulled off the condom and straddled him backwards, dripping wet pussy now dead in his face. With no hesitation, he pulled her bottom half to his mouth and let his tongue roam where it could, paying extra attention to her sensitive, pierced nub. He groaned softly at the feeling of her warm, wet mouth against his dick, bobbing up and down at a firm and steady pace. Her tongue slid all around his shaft and paid extensive mind to the vein on the back of his dick. Her hands skillfully fondled his balls, her manicured nails gently running themselves along the skin.

A knock on the door interrupted the whole moment. He swore that her roommate was long gone for the night. "Shannon? You sleep?" The girl’s voice was pretty sedity and light and it matched his view on her perfectly.

"…Yeah I just laid down," Shan took long enough time to come for air to answer the girl.

"Okay, just wanted to let you know I was in. And Julian left a message on the machine—you can read it in the morning," She said, and he rolled his eyes slowly. What a way to ruin the moment; bring up that pussy of a boyfriend.

"Okay, thanks Tiara." She said, and waited to hear the door close, before she went back to working on what she had started.

He just shook his head, before he let his mouth latch back onto her mound, his tongue waggling around in blissful ignorance although his mind was racing. He didn’t know how long he’d be able to do this. He had already fucked around and fell into a deep like…